June 4, 2011

May Days

My hometown holds a carnival every year, May Days. Lucky for us, Johnathon was here to go with us and see the girls ride their first rides as big girls.

Here are my little ladies on our way to the carnival.

{Allison & Alyssa}

Madelynn was a little less than thrilled to be sitting in the stroller while her sisters got to play, but she was a trooper.

The first ride was a series of race cars that whirled around a track. They chose to sit together and looooved it!

Can you believe they will be 4 in a few weeks?

My daring little ones then decided to talk me into letting them ride the 'bus ride'...I, of course, said yes.

Imagine my shock when it started to go very high and my girls decided to look over the side.

Up and up they went.

This momma was F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G out at this point in the ride.

I kept yelling at them to sit down and hold on tight. They must have thought I was crazy.

Aren't I though? :p

We had a blast as a family and I know the girls were thrilled that their daddy was able to be there.

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