June 7, 2011

Just Another Tuesday

No, Johnathon isn't home. This random picture was from his last trip to Illinois. I just thought I would show proof that I do in fact have a husband. ;)

I'm pretty sure I'm over this whole 'We're strong, we can handle being long distance' thing. Don't get me wrong, it's soooo much better than a few months ago when the girls and I were in California and only seeing him once or twice a week, but this sucks too.

I'm just a cry baby, huh?

I suppose I am just ready to be a family again and actually be able see, touch and be with the man that I married. Long distance is a challenge, but if two people can do it, it's us. We seriously should write a book on the subject because we are able to maintain such a great relationship while doing it...minus the little tiff last night over Facebook. tehehe!!

My mom is still in the hospital but doing fabulously!! She is getting her temporary chest catheter placed today at 1pm and then we will figure out when she can go home. Hopefully that will be soon.

Johnathon will be here exactly one week from today and I couldn't be happier. The girls ask me 'How much longer, Mommy?' every.single.night.

The girls? Oh, they are great. After a few rough nights, Madelynn slept 11 straight hours last night and only woke because Allison was yelling 'Mooooooooooommy, where arrrrrrrrrrrrre you?' at 7am this morning. Thanks Allie-gator!!

The twins only seem to want to color lately. Their other toys seem boring, I guess. My little Madster is like my shadow and just enjoys following me around and doing what I do. I pulled up a chair the other day and let her help me with the dishes, AKA: play in the bubbles and splash me!! She loved it.

I broke my favorite serving tray. :( It was this dark plum purple and I used it for everything. I'm currently on the hunt to replace it. It's depressing!

I've been making hair bows like a crazy person. I currently have almost 200 of every size and color you could imagine. I just haven't had the time to photograph them all and put them up on Facebook yet. Sorry! I did add a link to the Facebook page under the header. If you ever need a cute and cheap bow...you know where to go! :)

I think making the bows was the only way to keep my mind clear while everything was going on with my mom. It really helped to have something to focus on.

Homeschooling starts in a few weeks and I am starting to FREAK OUT! I've always had a fear that I would be inadequate at teaching my children. I'll be pulling out the curriculum soon and making copies of our worksheets, pre-reading some of the books, figuring out coordinating craft projects and preparing myself for this next chapter in our lives. I pray it all works out. I'm really looking forward to this.

I've asked my dad to build us a set of 3 little lockers and I am very excited about that. Each girl will have their own little cubby to place their backpacks, which will be full of current projects that they are working on and any color pages (or the like) that I give them for 'homework'. The girls see their cousins going to school and wearing backpacks, getting homework and riding the bus. They keep asking me when they will get to do all of that and I feel bad every time I say, 'Sweetie, you aren't going to public school. Remember, Mommy will be your teacher.' It's important to me to make sure that they don't grow up resenting me or wishing that they had gotten to experience certain things.

I can give them backpacks, no matter how unnecessary they are. I can give them homework, no matter how redundant that may seem. I even told them that one year they may be able to ride the bus to vacation bible school just for fun!! It seems to be working for the moment.

I bought a new book the other day, Married to the Military. It's a fantastic book for anyone who is dating or married to a man in the military. It's for all branches so it is very general and touches base on everything. A lot of it I knew, a lot of it I didn't know. It's educational, easy to read and sometimes it's just nice to see and hear someone acknowledge what you do for your husband/family.

Enough for now. xoxo


Josh and Nancy said...

We are homeschooling our oldest this year too. We did public school last year and I hated most of it! Alot of it has to do with the budget issues in CA. But, I now know that it is the best decesion we can make. We are only committed for a year, and will reevaluate then. You are your child's primary teacher anyways, I am sure you'll be great. Give yourself more credit!

rameelin said...

You can totally do it Sarah! Just keep in mind that at this age it's more important to teach them about real life, allow them to experience it and mold their hearts for God than anything else. They have plenty of time for reading and math;) Nora and I worked on it some this past year and she is far ahead for her age. You're already doing it!!! Thinking of you all and praying for your mom...

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