April 6, 2011

Just Your Usual Wednesday

Happy Wednesday from central Illinois ya'll!!

It's been your typical Wednesday around here today. We started our day with a nice 7am wake-up call from Madelynn. I couldn't be too angry, she did sleep the whole night through. 20 minutes later my parents stopped by with breakfast {love them}.

Fast forward to lunch...Monicals with my mom and little ladies.

For those of you NOT from central Illinois, Monicals is only the most amazing pizza place EVER!

Somehow I talked my mom into going to a movie with me. We took my niece with us while my sister watched my girls. We saw Source Code...it was fabulous!!

After running to the store for a few groceries, I spent a little while outside playing with the girls. They were thrilled to bust out a new pack of sidewalk chalk and fresh bubbles.

As soon as we made our way inside, Madelynn began her word explosion. You know, where your child just starts saying new words and won't stop talking. It's like all of a sudden she had a new full vocabulary that I knew nothing about. I loved it.

Oh, and let's not forget the almost 3 loads of dishes that I did today and the laundry as well.

Same old stuff, different day!!

My mom will kill me for posting this picture, but I just can't resist!

She and Madelynn are like two peas in a pod. Yes, my mom is making a goofy face, but I personally think she looks great.

{FYI: this was taken on my mom's birthday}

Healthy = Great in my books!!

More pictures tomorrow, I was having a hard time uploading them tonight.

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