April 4, 2011


The girls and I are officially moved into our new place. Well, as moved in as we can be with all of our stuff still in California.

=( There was an issue with Johnathon's orders because his ship was a pre-com {aka: new and not yet commissioned into the Navy.} and after the ship was commissioned, his orders didn't show his time in Mississippi in 2009. That's he needed to get the move paid for by the Navy...I wasn't about to spend $4000 on it.

So...now we play the waiting game as Johnathon gets new orders written up and verified by a few of the higher ups. Fun!

Here is the last picture I took of Madelynn in California. It's a little blurry, but you'll manage!

The girls and I are adjusting well. Yesterday was our first official day alone in the house and it was so refreshing. For the first time in a few months I had some 'me time' and a little quiet.

I was even able to sleep in until 9am...so no complaining here!!

In the next few posts I will be slowly updating everyone on a months worth of photos. Hang in there...we'll be caught up in no time.

I hope.

All three girls have adjusted very well to our new place and love showing their cousins their bedroom. It is, afterall, the first time they have been able to share their toys and show family their belongings. It's sweet! Johnathon called me tonight to inform that he won a Visa gift card drawing from our bank. Lucky duck...he wins everything. This is actually the second drawing he has won from them. The first was a DVD player...now money!! Here is a picture of my mom and I the morning we went to Oprah. It was a late night, early morning and VERY cold!! I still can't believe that we went. It was amazing and something that I will always remember. We were even on TV!!! I am so in love with my life right now. The last 18 months have been the hardest for me and it is nice to have things slow down and be consistant. We sure are missing our sailor a lot though. He is the glue that holds us all together. Thank goodness for free long distance and Skype!! xoxo

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