March 24, 2011

One week from today...

In exactly one week the girls and I will be getting the keys to our new apartment. I'm having a weird mix of emotions about it. As happy as I am to be getting my own place and having some privacy, a huge part of myself is finding it hard to set up a home without Johnathon. I know it's all part of the job, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it or be happy about it.

He's our rock! Our everything. It's really hitting me hard that he isn't a part of this process.

Oh well! Like always, life will go on and I will handle it. This is, after all, what we chose to do.

I know that with all of the recent devastation in Japan and the drama in Libya, many of you are worried about how that will effect Johnathon. Clearly all information cannot be shared, but I can tell everyone that as of right now, he is safe and still in San Diego Bay. He is currently going through a few tough inspections which is taking up most of his time and adding a fair share of stress to his life. Other than that, he seems to be clear as far as deploying early. If and when that were to change, I will update everyone. Nonetheless, prayers are always appreciated for our military men and women.

I received the most amazing email this morning...

MY LAPTOP IS FIXED!! It's currently waiting for me to pay and pick it up. Yay!! When I will find the time to do that is beyond me, but I am just relieved to know that everything was fixable!!

Now on to more important matters...Madelynn and her bottle!!

I took the bottle away from the twins when they were 12 months (corrected age). It took 24 hours of crying and no sleep for them to agree to the sippy and there was never a word about bottles again.

Things are a little different with Madelynn. For starters, she's my baby! I knew that another baby would be coming along shortly when I was going through this with her older sisters so it was important to me to get her off of it. With her, however, I just want to make her happy and I know she falls to sleep so much better after a bottle opposed to a sippy of milk. Say/think what you want, I don't care. I have a soft spot for Madelynn that I can't control!!

That, along with all of the other big changes in our lives recently, I wasn't ready to go there with Madelynn. I needed to give her (or me, rather) time to adjust to our new life in Illinois first. All of this said, I am so happy to announce that it's been almost a week of NO BOTTLES and she is managing just fine. She doesn't ask for one and seems excited to see her sippy. I'm so relieved to have this behind us and am so proud of her.

Project 365:
I've been thinking a lot about my Project 365 blog that has been seriously messed up with the problems I've had with my laptop. I think I'm going to just post a random picture for everyday that was missed regardless of the day it was taken. I will then continue taking a picture a day for the rest of the year starting from that day. Make sense? Okay then! :)


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