March 22, 2011


2...number of little girls in my bed this morning that weren't there last night.

8:30am wake-up call {thanks, Madelynn}

4...bowls of cereal that were made for breakfast.

2...loads of laundry have been started.

6...number of times I have watched Dora the Explorer this morning.

50...feels like the number of times I have asked Maddie what she has in her mouth.

1 seventeen month old

2 three year olds

1 five year old

5...sadly is the number of juice/milk/water spills that I have cleaned up this morning

10...number of days until I move into my apartment

12...number of books that I have been FORCED to read. :)

1 tired and stressed out mom/aunt

Today is our last calm day before we begin the chaos of parent/teacher conferences and spring break for the older kids...aka: my nieces and nephew. My baby sister also turns 18 this weekend...yikes! Hopefully I will stay busy enough to make this last week go by quickly so I can move into my apartment. I'm getting very excited and if you know anything about me at all, then you know I am 100% ready and waiting. I have bought a ton of cleaning supplies and magic erasers and I am ready to get scrubbing on floors and cabinets. Curtains and furniture have been purchased and the twins ask me everyday when we are moving.

Let's do this!!

Madelynn definitely caught up on her sleep last night. I put her down for what I thought would be an hour nap last night around 6pm and other than waking up for a bottle around 2am, she slept until 8:30 this morning. This momma was VERY happy.

We haven't done anything too crazy lately, just hanging out with family and playing outside...what I like best. I've been doing my best to plan a 4th birthday party for my little ladies...along with the 6 other parties we have going on in the next few months. Even so, it will be's just what I do!!


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