March 21, 2011

Is it Monday already?

Every week it seems as if the weekend goes by quicker and quicker. It's just unfair!

This was the third weekend in a row that I have mixed up dates of birthday parties, a high school play or a wedding. I feel like I can't keep anything straight anymore.

On the plus side, I was able to spend a few extra hours with my in-laws, who I feel like I never see anymore. Becky's wedding is only a few months away...this weekend we did the invitations.

Madelynn spiked a sudden temperature late Saturday night. My little lady had a hard time sleeping and around 2:30 I asked my mom to please take over for me because I also had a niece who wanted to sleep with me, a 3 year old with a cough and a nephew who wouldn't stay in bed. Oye! I got all the kiddos back in their beds and assumed my mom had gotten the Madster back to bed as well. Nope, she slept in the rocking chair while holding my baby. I did feel a little guilty as that was not what I had intended for her to do, but she got some serious one-on-one time with her name sake!! :)

I also worked on a little project on Sunday!!
While packing up our house, I opted to throw out our old night stands knowing that I would need to replace them once I found a place in Illinois. A few weeks ago I decided to stop by a local thrift store to see if they had any finds...I love before/after projects. That's where I found and fell in love with a beautiful mirrored medicine cabinet. A few days later, while helping my dad clean his basement, I found a stool that he was going to get rid of. I don't think so!! So that is how we spent our Sunday...cutting, sanding, painting and making me a beautiful new night stand. Pictures to come!!

Speaking of pictures. I received a call about my laptop. $360 to fix it. {sigh} :( Hopefully I should have it back in a week or two. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Alyssa and Allison had their first bite of watermelon for the Summer and it's started again...their crazy addiction!! I'm afraid the grocery store just can't keep them stocked enough to curb their hunger for it! :)


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