March 17, 2011

Another Two Weeks of Updates

Hello! Remember me?

I figured I would make time today to update everyone on my little ladies, the sailor, our apartment search and so much more.

Most people would assume that moving to Illinois where I have so many extra little helpers/babysitters, that I would have plenty of time to blog and enjoy a moment of silence...


Can you say CHAOS!?

It's a fun chaos and something that I wouldn't change for the world, it's just taking me awhile to adjust. On top of everything else, my laptop is broken. I'm devastated! :'( I took it to the Geek Squad and not only is it going to cost a small fortune to fix, but it will take 3-5 business weeks!! Ugh! I think they were just trying to kill me. So, that is why I still have no pictures to show.

From one extreme to the next, I found an apartment!! It's nothing special and a far cry from the 3 bedroom/3 bathroom house that we are coming from, but at the very least it is a place of our own and for that I am thankful. The twins will be sharing a room like always and Madelynn will be bunking in with me...err, I will be bunking in with her?

You get the idea!

It's a quaint little apartment that I think we will grow to love. That best part? It's on a quiet street and has a HUGE yard. The front yard alone is amazing, but the backyard is just a fabulous bonus. It's actually a large house that has been split into four separate apartments so there aren't many neighbors to deal with and share the yard with. Yay!

Madelynn is such a doll and I can't believe there was ever a life without her. If I could remember that life, because I can't at this point, I would imagine that it was very dull and boring. She brings such fun to every single day. Even when she is teething and decides to wake-up at 4am...she is sticking her finger up my nose and saying 'Momma nose ewwww!' haha. Followed by 30 seconds of non-stop giggles. I told her twice today that she could NOT have Cheetos. (she loves the puffs) Suddenly I noticed her walk pass me with an abnormally large lump in her belly. :) I let her sneak behind the chair and start eating before I scared her. In true Madelynn fashion, she wasn't frightened, she quickly grabbed the bag and RAN!! I love her.

Alyssa is doing well. She was the last of the girls to get over the recent round of colds. Her poor nose just wasn't giving up easily. I've come to learn that she is quite the drama queen when she isn't feeling well and will throw a fit if someone even looks at her wrong. That has been fun. She loves talking to her Daddy on the phone or Skype and has full conversations with him on a nightly basis. She also asks me on a regular basis where her toys are and when she will get to sleep in her bed from 'Mommy and Daddy's house'. She knows things are changing and is doing her best to understand.

Allison. Oh, Allison! She is such a mellow and sweet little girl. She's been wanting extra cuddles lately and keeps asking me if I will ever have another little baby like her two aunts do. She is precious and really fills the big sister role well. I hate to break her heart, but Mommy doesn't plan on that any time soon. Haha. She'll manage! :) It's like pulling teeth and nails to get her to keep clothes on. I'll be happy to get our own place and let her run around in her undies again. She's just one of those children and there is no point in trying to get her to do anything different.

Johnathon is doing great. He is actually out to sea right now and working hard. We do our best to talk and Skype every evening and keep each other updated about our hectic lives. It takes work, but we manage. He's very excited about us finding a place of our own and being moved in before he comes to visit. Maybe we will get a little bit of 'normal' for a few days, whatever that is. And just in case you are all feeling sorry for my lonely husband, he called me the other day around noon (10am his local time). He informed me that he had just gotten up. When I asked if his roommate had been too loud (because he was staying in the barracks, not on the ship), he replied "No, room service needed in to clean and give me fresh towels."

He's got it rough, huh?! :)


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