February 26, 2011

Long Time, No Post

The little ladies and I landed in Illinois just under two weeks ago. It was actually one of the easiest and most laidback flights I have experienced...yes, even with three small children.

Knock on wood, but I am that lucky parent who everyone cringes when they walk past and wonder if they will be seated next to the mother with too many chilfren. BUT after the flight I am also the mother who gets told how well her children are behaved and how many of the travelers never even knew that there were children on the plane. It's a great feeling.

The girls have all adjusted well to the weather. Obviously we have a few runny noses and the occasional cough, but I'll take that over double ear infections and the flu any day!

I got my first hair cut in over a year...yes, I'm a little pathetic...and I feel great. I also bought a new pair of leather boots that I am just in love with. As great as everything is here, I'm really missing my husband. He's doing great and is going to do his best to come visit for Easter. That would be such a blessing.


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