February 10, 2011

Packing, Cleaning & Kids...Oh My!

It's Thursday night and I am home alone with my little ladies. There is still so much left to do with the house and it's quite the challenge with three clingy kids clutching to my legs. Even so, the show must go on.

I just found out today that we can't get our furniture and belongings to Illinois until the end of March so it looks like we will be renting a U-Haul, inviting Johnathon's friends over, making a ton of trips to storage, and sleeping on the floor on our last night here. Fun stuff!!

I've been talking about my niece, Emma, a lot lately and just wanted to explain her situation a little further. She is 6 1/2 and quite the princess, but that is beyond the point! Lately she has been complaining of seeing 'purple and green' spots (as she describes it) and being slightly shaky. She says that it comes and goes throughout the day. My mom, her legal guardian, has taken her to see a few different doctors and she has had a few different test. We eventually found out that she has juvenile glaucoma. However, the doctor isn't convinced that the glaucoma is what is causing her to see spots. Soooo, they had her run a few more tests, including her EEG today and we should hopefully hear something soon. Emma is such a precious little girl a huge part of my life.

A lot has been said regarding the fact that the girls and I are choosing to move to Illinois so many months BEFORE a deployment. Why on earth would we do something like that? Let me break it down for you...

Did you know that Johnathon originally did NOT have to go on this upcoming deployment? That's right, he CHOSE to extend and go. There will be many other times when he is gone on deployment and there ARE many times when he is gone for weeks or more. I, being his faithful wife and mother to his children, deal with it. I handle the daily tasks and upkeep of the house. I put our kids to bed and explain to them that Daddy will not be coming home AGAIN. I manage. Nothing is said then. It's normal for him to leave. It's our life.

Why then is so much being said when I choose to go home a little early? Are you saying that it's okay for Johnathon to leave me alone, but not the other way around?

I love my husband and we have a fabulous marriage! What we choose to do and the decisions that we make are of no concern to anyone else.
Plain. And. Simple. Thanks :)
I finally feel as though I am making some real progress with the packing. I hate that Johnathon is gone and I must do it myself, but it's probably just better this way. Our list for tomorrow is to finish up the master bedroom/bathroom and clean, clean, clean!

I know I promised Disneyland pictures, but I'm just too busy at the moment.
This last picture of Madelynn was taken after I sprayed her down with her sisters' squirt bottle. No, she is not sweating!! :) She sure is cute though, huh?!


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