February 3, 2011

My Girls

I have a reason for not blogging lately. Really, I do!

I lost my camera battery charger. :(

I'm sure I didn't pack it, but I would bet money that I took it and placed it somewhere that I "wouldn't forget". Funny how that works!!

I suppose I could resort back to my little Kodak camera...we'll see.

I thought I would just take this time to write a little something about each of my little ladies. That way I can always remember what they were like at this age.

Alyssa is my first born and she plays the part very well. She every bit as ornery as an older sister should be. She seems to be the more dominate twin and is always the 'Momma' while playing house. She thrives on taking care of her sisters...here's your sippy, let me help you, like this, do you need help...she's always showing someone how to do something. Just the other night she was trying to teach Allison how to eat spaghetti by twirling her fork. Alyssa is usually the first to fall asleep and first to wake (except at nap time when Allison wakes up first). She still sucks her thumb and in a complete surprise, I don't care. It's mainly when she is tired and while she sleeps and if it makes her feel better than who am I to tell her to stop. I figure, she's not going to walk down the aisle sucking her thumb so I will just give her some space and she will stop when she is ready. Alyssa is very tender hearted and a simple stern look could put tears in her eyes. She hates when I am disappointed in her and strives to make sure that I am not. She is a lot like me in that way. I've never so much as smoked a cigarette because I knew what my parents would think. End. Of. Story. Alyssa is a lot like that. I like to call Alyssa 'my sparkle'. She got that j'ne sais quoi. Whether it's a sparkle of the eye or her small little hands on her hips, she brings something to the table that can't be taught. She's wonderful and exactly what I thought a daughter of mine would be like.

My little Allison is so much like her Daddy that I feel like I am about to describe him instead. She is calm in a way that I never knew a child could be. She has no problem letting her sister step up and take charge. It doesn't effect her like it would me. Many times Johnathon and I will refer to her as our silent sneak. She has mastered how to watch someone and the best way to trick them into getting what she wants. We often joke that when the twins are older, Alyssa will do something to get herself in trouble and she will call Allison to fix everything. She will be able to assess the situation, give Alyssa the perfect lie and won't forget a single detail of the new story. She is always correcting Alyssa when a toy gets put in the wrong spot and doesn't forget ANYTHING! Even though she obviously has a little sister, I still call Allison my baby. She is different from her sisters. While they demand their attention, Allison waits patiently and never asks for anything. It can be hard to get one on one time with Mommy if you have the two sisters that she does. I feel like it's my job to watch and make sure that she gets the attention that she deserves. Allison has a hard time getting to sleep and will try to sneak out of her room at least 20 times a night. Eventually she turns to rubbing her top lip, which is her comfort.

Oh Maddie!! I've said it before, but Madelynn has taught me so much about myself. She has allowed me to be a different kind of mother and to realize things about myself that I never thought possible. I've known from the very beginning, while she was still in the womb, that she would be a go getter. The day Madelynn was born, she nursed for HOURS! To the point that the nurse actually started laughing. Other than a small two week gap, she has slept through the night from just a few weeks old. She wasn't an early walker, but when she did finally take her first step she was perfect at it. By 14 months she was literally running with her sisters. She has never let her age or size keep her from playing with her sisters. She will run, play and get crazy just like the rest of them. Her sisters may think that they can bully her, but Madelynn is a quick one. She sees an opportunity to take her toy back and she goes for it. She steps on her sisters, pushes her way through their arms to see what's going on, and can hold her own during a game of tug-a-war over a book. Madelynn has always been a TV baby. Even at three weeks, I can remember her turning her head and lunging forward to get a glimpse at the screen. Her current favorite is Dora the Explorer. She wakes up screaming Dora and falls asleep whispering Dora. Madelynn will eat just about anything that you put in front of her and loves playing outside almost as much as she loves Dora. She is still so little, yet she understands to pick up her toys. Madelynn is such a joy to be around and always puts me in a great mood. She is everything that I never knew I wanted and I thank God everyday for his gift to me. It would take a special kind of person to be the younger sister to twins and Maddie fits the mold. She's beautiful and wonderful. She is my Maddie Jane!!

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