January 30, 2011


  • I'm addicted to the Internet. At least I can admit it.
  • I may buy stock in a milk company. I have 4 gallons and 2 quarts in my fridge, 2 empty gallons next to my trash can, and 4 empty gallons in my recycle bin outside. That's one week, people!!
  • Just once I would like to use the restroom without either stepping in any sort of colored fluid or sitting on a wet seat. I guess @ 3 years even girls don't have the best aim.
  • My kids have been sleeping in until 9am all week. I'm not complaining, but really?! Three small children and I am getting 10 hours of sleep? This must be unheard of!!
  • I'm not a runner, but lately I just want to run. Run. Run. And keep running.
  • My husband is gone and will be home on Monday night. He'll leave again on Friday morning for a few more days. No comment.
  • When people ring my doorbell to try to sell me something, they often get angry that I won't unlock my screen door to talk to them. Military spouse 101...NEVER unlock your door to someone you don't know. NEVER tell anyone that your husband is out to sea (he's just always in the shower or sleeping. :)) Get mad. I don't care!!
  • My mom is my best friend. End of story!
  • I was meant to be a mother. A mother to daughters. I feel extremely blessed for my little ladies. Without them, life just wouldn't matter or make sense.
  • My house is haunted. I don't feel scared or threatened, just annoyed. I can't wait to move and let the new family experience it. (bwahaha)
  • When we move, they are replacing all of the carpet in our house. Would it be weird to ask for a little piece of carpet from each of the girls' rooms? Maybe!? Okay.


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