January 28, 2011

A Whole Lot of Nothing!

I thought I would post a few of our recent pictures. If you've been reading my Project 365 blog like the good followers you are, then you've already seen these. If not, shame on you!!

I hate to admit it, but Madelynn says 'Dora' more than she says 'Momma'. If she gets lucky and I do put Dora on, you'd think she just won the lottery. It's insane!!

Other than that, she is just growing, growing, growing! She actually sitting on the floor with her sisters right now eating cheese puffs. I'm pretty sure she eats 50% more than they do. Alyssa is teaching her to lick her fingers at this very moment.
Alyssa is still my little ornery butt! She thinks that she is large and in charge...and she may be right. She is wonderful at taking her nap everyday and also goes to bed pretty well at night. She is an eater...of junk! However, lately she has been asking for a bell pepper or apple over chips. IMPROVEMENT!

She has this fascination with losing her baby teeth and new ones growing in. I blame Yo Gabba Gabba for teaching her that it would happen. Everyday she runs to me with excitement and asks me if her baby teeth are out yet. She will also randomly come walking up to me with this proud look on her face and tell me how she just pulled her baby tooth and if I look closely I can see a new one growing in. Oye!

Allison, Allison, Allison!

This chick is a night owl like her Momma! It's not uncommon for her to still be sitting in her bed playing with her magnadoodle around 10:30 or 11pm. I'll give her a drink of water and remind her to stay in bed and she seems happy with that. I did cave and let her sleep with us one night last week. We both officially had the worst nights sleep EVER. Johnathon was knocked out on the other side of the bed...lucky duck!!

She asks for her Daddy when she wakes up, while she is playing, before and after her nap and every 5 minutes in between. She hates when I tell her that he is at work and doesn't understand why he can't come home. It's even harder when she sees her friend, Meha, walking to the park with her own daddy. If Meha's daddy is home, then surely her daddy should be. If only it worked that way!!
Johnathon and I are great!! I don't normally post pictures of us, but we happened to snap this one the other day after we put the girls to bed. This is pretty much my everyday mommy look...tank top, hair in a pony tail, no make-up. Johnathon got a hair cut right after this picture so I apologize for his sloppiness! :) It's fair to say that I had been slacking in the hair cutting department. (yes, I am the lucky person who gives him his buzz cut!)

Johnathon was supposed to leave on Wednesday for a week long underway, but it was cancelled at the last minute. It was changed to today. I'm thankful that I got two extra days with him, but I still hate when he leaves. Being a military wife is seriously the hardest job out there.

Sorry, I just needed the extra proof that she is ORNERY!!
This is Alyssa, if you were wondering.


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