January 20, 2011

Early Morning Thoughts...

It was a 6:40am for me today.

Madelynn woke up hungry (shocker!) and after she got what she wanted, she fell back to sleep. Figures.

Me? I have too much going on in my head to even think about going back to sleep.

We gave our 30 day notice yesterday and will have our first walk-through tomorrow. They are basically looking at toilets, bathtubs, kitchen appliances and carpet. Just seeing what needs to be replaced and cleaned up. It should be interesting.

Johnny is also (finally) selling the boat that has been hogging our garage for MONTHS. I told him that I wanted it gone by the first of the year...do you see how well he listens to me?

At the very same time that we are getting our walk through, we are also getting a new garage door. I'm not sure why. Ours is in great condition, I guess the military just likes to spend money when it's not needed. :)

Tomorrow is going to be a loooooong day!

In exciting news...my parents are now the legal guardians of two of my nieces and my nephew. Without going into details, I just wanted to share the fabulous news!! The kids are very happy where they are and will continue to see their parents.

Well, I hear Alyssa and Allison starting to talk.

"Are you awake?"
"Yeah, are you?"
"Yeah, You wanna play house?"
"Sure, I'll be the momma and you be the baby."
"Is Mommy awake yet?" :)

They seriously put the biggest smile on my face!!

I'll post pictures of my beauties later today.

1 comment:

Missy said...

Great news! You all have a lot going on. Wishing you all luck

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