December 6, 2010


I've had a great and much needed break this last weekend. After a few rough weeks of running on empty, it was time to recharge my batteries.

And recharge, I did!!

Johnathon got off work early on Thursday and after 9 straight days with an eye twitch, I took a long nap. The twitch is now gone.

Friday was Johnathon's 25th birthday. We celebrated by letting him sleep in and going Christmas shopping that afternoon. We took full advantage of him having the day off and were done shopping before the rush of chaos started. That night we watched 'The Santa Clause' after Johnathon blew out the candles on his cheesecake. A birthday just wouldn't be complete without our champagne glasses full of sparkling cider. :)

Friday night was the Christmas party for Johnathon's ship...I stayed home with the kiddos.

Saturday and Sunday were spent bundled up on the couch as we watched Christmas movie after Christmas movie. We took naps, played outside, sorted through was just relaxing!

Now it's Monday and Johnathon has duty. I plan to edit a few pictures tonight, fold some laundry and get to bed early.

God Bless

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