December 1, 2010


Life is just about all I can handle at the moment and even that is testing my limits. I tend to be more of a type-A person, wanting to conquer the world, but lately I feel as though it is conquering me.

Never will I regret having my children so close in age. I find it to be a huge blessing and seeing them all play together makes all of the chaos worth it. However, I have my moments when I want nothing more than to hire a babysitter and run! Run away and hide in the nearest coffee shop or book store for just an hour...or 6?!

We've never really gotten to the point where we needed to hire a babysitter and just thinking about it instantly makes me want to start a list. What tips, tricks and notes would I leave her? What are the little quirks that make my children tick?

- Don't expect to sleep in any later than 7:30...and that is sleeping in.

- Madelynn will wake up first, which will wake up Alyssa in return. Make sure you grab Alyssa first, she will want to be the one to open Madelynn's door and place the first kiss on her cheek.

- Madelynn is not interested in eating first thing in the morning, but Alyssa will expect it quick. A simple bowl of Kix will satisfy her...for now!

- Somehow I have raised a terribly spoiled 13 month old. She will want to be held and soothed for awhile...let her!

- There is only one thing that Alyssa wants to watch in the mornings, Dora the Explorer. Ask she which one she wants to watch or you will feel her wrath!

- Allison will yell for you when she wakes. All she wants to know is that you are down stairs waiting for her and that she is able to take her time waking up. She needs those extra moments in her room by herself.

- Not only will Allison want breakfast right away, but Alyssa will want seconds. That's okay.

- Madelynn will be ready to eat at this point. She can have a bowl of cereal, oatmeal (no sugar added, maybe a little honey), dry Kix, or some sliced fruit.

- Try to turn the TV off. The girls play so well when it is off and they need to be pushed or they will sit on the couch all day long. Madelynn may want to play with them, make sure they are nice to her.

- I keep a stash of panties in the utility room for Alyssa and Allison. They sometimes dribble and refuse to put theirs back on. You will also find a pair of shorts for each of them. Those are used when Meha, their friend, knocks at the door wanting to play.

- Make the girls put their toys away before they get out a new one. They will argue, but stand firm!! You'll thank me for it later. Oh, and NEVER pick up their messes. They are three and are perfectly capable of doing it themselves.

- Ask them what they want for lunch. If they agree, then they get what they want. If they continue to argue, they get what YOU want. Problem solved. No drinks until they eat at least half their food.

- As soon as you lay Madelynn down for her morning nap (10 ish), it's craft time for the older girls. On my shelf you will find paint, crayons/markers, glue, scissors, colored paper, glitter and anything else you could possible need.

- All three girls will want a snack when Madelynn wakes up. Cheese is a favorite!!

- Make sure you vacuum now so you won't wake the girls later while they are napping.

- Also, hold off as long as you can on the nap. They will sleep longer the closer it is to 2pm.

- Make one dinner and no exceptions. If they don't like what they get than they eat NOTHING else until breakfast. You should have no problem with this, but be prepared!

- Bedtime is our favorite time of the day. Baths, brushing our teeth, stories, singing...make Madelynn a part of this, she loves it.

This post was more for me than anyone else and it was nice to walk through my day and think of how well I know my girls. It makes me appreciate them so much more! Being a mom to 2 three year olds and a one year old is HARD WORK!!

I wouldn't change it for a thing!


Chasity said...

I love it! You sound just like me...not the kids ages but the way you think and the details you include are SO me! Nice to know a kindred soul!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Love this post! My girls also love cheese, and NO ONE in our house sleeps past 7:30am either!

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