November 29, 2010

Hello Stranger

The past week has flown by and now I sit here trying to catch you all up on my crazy life. Here it goes...

Thanksgiving was fabulous. We stayed in, prepared a TON of food, took long naps and listened to Christmas carols for hours.

It looks like the North Pole exploded in my house...but I love it!

Madelynn is taking at least 6 steps at a time now and eating 90% of her meals with the rest of the family. :)

I not only sold many of my handmade hair bows, but I booked a few photography sessions. woot-woot

Johnathon has been working as hard as ever. He leaves even earlier in the mornings and comes home exhausted. The military really does deserve better pay and more benefits!!

We've been watching Sarah Palin's Alaska lately...I actually like it. I was a little iffy about her, but she seems like a fun person to be around. As for her being our president...not so sure about that one!

I have been an avid The View fan for years now, however, The Talk is my new obsession!! It's geared more towards mothers and children and I love that!! {two thumbs up}

Lastly, Missy over at Two Little Monkeys posted this hilarious video and I couldn't help but steal it and share it with you all. It's amazing how freakish people make us mothers of multiples feel sometimes. There must have been a crash course on how to be rude to people with more than one child in high school that I missed.

Yes, this video is quite accurate!! You'd be surprised how far people are willing to go with their questions!

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