November 4, 2010

11/04/10 Alyssa {and everything else}

Is anyone else amazed that it is already the fourth of November??

I could write for hours about how thankful I am for my first born (by a whole 60 seconds!!) and how much she means to me. BUT I'll just stick to the key points today. :)

1. She has my personality...enough said!
2. Not one meal is made in this house without Alyssa's assistance and approval. She has taken a liking to pulling up a chair to the counter and 'helping me' chop, stir and cook! It's adorable and I love it!!
3. I call her the 'Sparkle' in my life. Everything is 'fabulous', 'delicious', or 'so so so wonderful'!!
4. She knows how to strut her stuff down our imaginary catwalk...she even has a fierce pose at the end!!
5. Little miss attitude always has her hands on her hips and is pointing her finger at someone.
6. She manipulates her sister into watching what she wants by explaining that "tomorrow we can watch what you want, Allie. Today it's my turn." Unfortunately, tomorrow never really comes for Allison, but she is fine with that. :)
7. She knows when someone around her is upset, and that upsets her in return. She is so gentle hearted.
8. Last night she ate four...yes, FOUR...bowls of stir-fry and rice for dinner. She is Mommy's little girl for sure!
9. She still sucks her thumb...and I secretly think it's adorable!
10. No matter how hard I try or how many times I tell people she is just like me...She is her Daddy through and through. I've got a 100% Daddy's girl on my hands. {and I love it!}

. . . . . . . . . . .

Our life has done a complete 180 since Johnathon's hours have returned to normal and we are enjoying every minute of it. He is now home around 3:30 everyday and has the whole evening to play with his girls. The older girls are just now getting to a place where they are okay when they wake up and realize that 'Daddy is on the ship', because they know that he will be home later.

Madelynn had spaghetti for the first time the other night and then ravioli the next day. She is becoming quite the little toddler! Today she slept in until 9am...always a perk!!

My mind is in a million different places...enjoying having my husband home, sad that Alyssa and Allison are turning into such big girls, planning my sister-in-laws bridal shower, helping her with the wedding, Christmas shopping that is about 90% complete, really wanting to get out and take pictures, missing my mom, just enjoying this chapter in my life!!

God bless.

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Anonymous said...


You are just amazing!!! You and Johnny have 3 beautiful daughters, and you seem like such a strong woman taking care of them! It would be a joy to have that many redheads in a household. Madelynn is absolutely adorable as are the other 2 girls. You are very blessed. Your family is absolutely gorgeous.

Take Care

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