November 3, 2010

11/03/10 Fabulous Fall Evenings

Today is day three of 'What I am thankful for' and it just seems fitting for it to be Fabulous Fall Evenings since we are having one right now.

There is nothing better than a hot (high 90's) afternoon followed by a calm and perfectly tempered evening here in southern California in the Fall. It's nothing like I experienced growing up in the Midwest, but it is the perfect opportunity to play outside with my family.

Tonight the twins practiced riding their bikes, we played with sidewalk chalk, blew bubbles and I even took the girlies on a bike ride. We usually opt to go on a walk or play our hearts out at the park.

The bottom line is that we are ALWAYS outside and I love it.

Because I am still using this dorky desktop computer from two years are a few Fabulous Fall Evenings from 2008.

Chillaxin with their Daddy!!
On a Seal Tour in San Diego bay with Johnathon's mom.
Johnathon & Alyssa...
umm, does anyone else think this looks just like Madelynn?!
Miramar Air Show 2008
(This is a friend, but could easily pass as Allison's mom in this picture.)
Another night sitting in their chairs with Daddy.
Happy Wednesday!!

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