September 22, 2010

Welcome Home?

Once our clever solution to a messy living room, this shelf is now grand central station for CHAOS!
Next on my to-do list? Buy 4 large baskets to fill some of these spaces. Maybe then at least the CHAOS will be hidden.

Gotta love the effort made by my darling 3 year olds though!! ;)

I mean, seriously?!

This is our overflowing toy box.

It was my understanding that the lid was meant to close...guess I was wrong!

THIS is our entry way!

Believe it or not, the rest of my house does NOT look like this...but this is bad enough! We have been home a little over 48 hours and THIS is what I must deal with.

Welcome home!!

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1 comment:

Bryant & Hilary said...

Not so bad that is just a few areas of the house, but you have scared me a little for what I have to look forward to!! Thanks! J/K!!!! If I lived nearby, I would help you!

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