September 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We have arrived!

Our plane landed safely around 6:40pm California time on Sunday night. It was an amazing feeling to walk through our front door and see the girls' toys right where they left them, smell the familiar smells and cuddle up in my big comfy bed. We are home!

The twins instantly knew where we were and were on cloud nine playing with all of their toys. Every two seconds it was, "Look Mom!! My ball from the garage!" "Mom!! Look at me!" "We're home, Mommy!" and it was fabulous. They slept great on their first night back in their room and it was an early 7am morning for us the next day.

Madelynn is adjusting as if there is nothing to adjust to. She is sleeping, eating, playing and being cute just like she should be. She currently has THREE teeth coming in. My poor baby! She also had a doctors appointment the day after we got about being busy!!

Madelynn Jane: 11 Months
19lbs 14oz (25 percentile)
29.5 inches long (75 percentile)

She got four shots (one including her flu shot) and will be back in 2 months for four more. We learned that she is right on track and where she should be on all levels. She is wonderful!!

Johnathon is still on leave until Thursday. His ship is underway so he couldn't got back earlier if he wanted to...and he probably would. :)

Me? I've been unpacking and doing laundry like you wouldn't believe. I was extremely proud of myself when I realized that we hadn't even been home 24 hours and every single one of our seven suitcases was unpacked and put away!! Woot-woot!

I've been spending a lot of time revamping our 'learning room' aka: our dining room. The girls have grown so much in the last three months that we were gone and I needed to make the room more appropriate for them. Thanks to family, we have new posters, books and supplies. It's a breath of fresh air to know that we have a good support system behind us. My dad even got me an 'Everything Homeschool' book and you can believe that I have yet to put it down. There is so much I didn't know and so much I am glad I know now.

Madelynn is asleep in her room and Alyssa & Allison are sleeping with their daddy. I'm busy editing pictures and playing catch-up in bloggy world. An easy spaghetti dinner tonight so we can be done in time to watch THE BIGGEST LOSER @ 8pm pacific time.

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