September 29, 2010


To this day I still wonder why God chose me to be a mother to twins. I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to watch them grow and interact. As if being a mother wasn't enough, being a mother of twins is like taking things to an extreme.

From the time they were born I was labeled 'one of those moms'.

It brought tears to my eyes to see them all bundled up in the same crib; side-by-side and sleeping peacefully. I giggled with excitement when I first dressed them alike.

I've received a lot of heat for apparently 'not letting my children be individuals'. Haha...that's a joke!

You would only need to be around my girls for a few minutes to learn that, dressed alike or not, they are completely different. Check out their shoe preference...

Alyssa is our outgoing princess and Allison is our sneaky perfectionist.

A few examples...
-Alyssa is ALWAYS in some form of a dress. Whether it's just a dress-up costume or her fanciest frilly dress, she is always dolled up.

-Allison is up for wearing anything in her closet, but you better believe that she is going to have to put her own little touches on it. She likes leggings under her shorts and shirts under her dresses.

-They both have a say on how their hair is done and 9 times out of's a different opinion.

-When picking out their shoes, Alyssa will gravitate towards the more girly sandals and Allison throws a fit until I find her cowboy boots or flip flops.

-While watering the flowers last night, Alyssa waited just long enough to see the water hit the bottom of her watering can before she took off to dump it out. Allison stood there holding my hand until the water reached the top before she carefully walked over to the plant and nicely poured it in.

-When going to bed, Alyssa will kick her blanket off and get comfy where as Allison will neatly tuck the blanket under her arms and closer her eyes.

-As the girls sit at the table coloring, you will see piles and piles of crayons surrounding Alyssa and then notice that Allison puts every crayon back in the bucket before choosing another one.

. . . . . . . .

What I find the most funny is that it's the non-twin mothers that are the most judgmental.

"When you have twins of your own I will kindly sit back let you make parental choices on your own. I will not add my opinions about children that I know little to nothing about. Unless you are around my children on a daily basis and have facts to back up your assumptions and off the wall statements, I ask you to please mind your own business. I am clearly doing something right!!"
-Sarah Stone

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The Senders Family said...

That is great! My twins are only almost 7months old and they too have way diff personalities... this is such the truth! and your girls are adorable!

Lindsay said...

I totally agree!

It compounds things for me since one of my good friends is an identical twin. She is always telling me how her Mom "screwed her up" by dressing them alike and not letting them be individuals when they were younger. However when I see pictures of them from grade school or high school when they were able to choose their own clothes they were always dressed alike anyway.

Isaiah Ketterhagen said...

WOW!!!! I couldn't agree more!

My wife and I have identical twin girls - they will be 3 in October and they definitely have their own personalities!!! Sara and I have said, we would dress them alike until they were old enough to pick out their own clothes, just for the simple fact that it was easier. That was extremely difficult because of the things that they wanted to wear - but it was their choice and absolutely awesome and hilarious to see their true personalities shining through! So, for the past year plus, they have their own preference in pants or capris, pony tail or beret, and flip flops and shoes are a HUGE aspect of our girls getting ready!

Sara and I see the girl's different personalities every day although we dressed them alike until they were almost 2.

Bryant & Hilary said...

I enjoy reading postings about other twins! Especially girls. My girls are so different I can already tell at 7 months. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

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