September 28, 2010

Madelynn Moments

My baby. My almost 1 year old baby.
She is mesmerizing!
Her hair is still as red as ever...much darker than her older sisters. It is slightly curly and ALWAYS sweaty!!

We officially switched her over from formula to cows milk the other day. Partly because I was out of formula (Johnathon had the truck) and partly because my baby will be 1 next week. She took the change with ease and made the adjustment very well.

Madelynn now has 4 teeth...3 on bottom, 1 on top...with 2 more about to pop through.

She is looking like quite the grown babe lately!

99% of the time you will find her with crusty left overs from her last mean. It will be in her hair, on her cheeks, in her ears, and from the proof of this photo...on her forehead! She eats consistently every hour or so and even had her first bite of rice the other night. She did fantastic and held it all down.

We are offering her a sippy at every chance and it's very touch and go at this point. She likes to tease me and attempt to drink from it and the second I show a slight smile, she tosses it to the side!
I've almost got her schedule right where I want it. Bed time is between 7:30 and 8pm, but I would ideally like for it to be 7pm. She occasionally wakes once in the middle of the night and she receives a few ounces of water and drifts back into dreamland. I usually get my custom Madelynn wake-up call around 8am...perfect!! She lays down first at 10am for a two hour nap and then around 3:30 for another two hour nap. I have no problem getting her to gobble down her dinner and she squirms with excitement on bath nights.
Have I ever mentioned how perfect of a baby she is!!??

Maddie Jane
The Madster
Maddie Mad Moo (Allison gave her that one)
I don't see walking anywhere in our near future. Madelynn is able to pull herself up next to something and cruise along it...the couch, a chair, the wall, her play yard. The truth is, Johnathon just isn't home enough for us to practice with her. It's hard to do on my own and I don't want him to miss her first steps anyway.
See her bruise from her shots last week? :( Poor baby!
Madelynn is so silly I can't even stand it!! She is the queen of funny faces and loves to jibber jabber all day long. She is talking quite a bit these days and will occasionally surprise me by knowing a new word. This is new to me as the twins didn't talk for a few more months.
Vocabulary: Dada, Mum Mum, Papa, Na-Na
Bobble (bottle), Up, Nigh-Nigh, bu-bu (bye-bye),
Bubba, Naw (no), Sta (stop)

I swear I caught her dancing today!! Sitting on the floor watching 'The Fresh Beat Band' she was moving her arms and head. It was precious!
I have begun to try to teach Madelynn right/wrong. I talk stern when she attempts to put something foreign in her mouth and smile, cheer and act like a complete idiot when she stands on her own or says a new word.
The following is her reaction after being told, "No, no Madelynn. Bad girl!"
Last but certainly not least...
Thanks to her Nana, Madelynn is a wonderful kisser and will give you many of them upon request!!

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