September 27, 2010

All Dressed Up...

...and everywhere to go!

If you were to knock on my door at any given moment you would find Alyssa just like this...and Allison would probably be naked. :)
We have a very busy week ahead of us!! Johnathon is here one day, gone the next. Even on the days that he is here, he doesn't get home until 8pm after Madelynn is already in bed and dinner is cold. He will be leaving us later this week to go up to Fleet Week in Northern California and will be gone for most of October. (aka: he'll miss Madelynn's 1st birthday)
We are taking Johnathon to work on Friday morning...going straight to the doctor so Alyssa & Allison can get their flu shots (a little behind on that)...home for an early nap...another appointment @ 1pm...we'll need groceries and diapers before we head home...dinner, bath, bed!! {sigh}
Sunday we (myself and my three young children) are trying out a new church. We have yet to find one in San Diego that we want to call home so I am equally nervous as I am excited. Like I said above, Johnathon will be gone so I will be alone on this venture...nothing I can't handle! Keep your fingers crossed that this is the church for us.
Tuesday I am daring to take the three girls to a local museum on my own. That should be interesting, but hopefully fun.
Who knows what else the week has in store for us, but I know one just won't be the same with Johnathon gone. :(

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