September 23, 2010

And So It Begins...

Today is Johnathon's first day back to work and for whatever reason, I just feel the need to write.

No silly pictures. Sorry.

I'm trying to prepare myself for the weeks ahead. Johnathonn will be out to sea all but a few days until the middle of October. :( Life as a military's hard!

Madelynn slept from 8pm to 8am with NO feeding. I found myself wide awake around 3:30 wondering if I should go check on her. Johnathon reassured me that she was just growing and needed her extra sleep so I drifted back off into dreamland. Then 7:30 rolled around and I was awake again. By 8am I had convinced myself that I was going to check on her regardless...that's when I heard her first yawn as she was waking up. It's always a wonderful morning when I get to steal a few seconds and just cuddle with my babe.

Madelynn and I did the honor of waking up Alyssa & Allison. Technically they were already awake, we just scooted them out of bed. Allison had her first accident since we have been home. She was visibly upset about it so I didn't stress it too much. She doesn't do it in her sleep, it's the first few moments after she wakes up that it happens. No worries...she has no problem with wearing a pull-up at bed time. At least she keeps them on now!! :)

The twins are also at a weird stage where they get embarrassed very easily and hide their faces. Someone could simply tell them that they need to leave the room or put their toys away and I guess they feel as if they are doing something wrong and they freak out. They cover their faces, start to cry and hide! This is another thing that I am trying not to stress over. I'm hoping it's just a phase that will soon pass.

Anyone else deal with that?

Oh...I'm also not allowed to kiss their boo-boos anymore. :( That one actually makes me a little sad!

Madelynn has only been in her jumperoo twice since we have been home and she is loving it. She now plays in her play yard all day long. It's filled with all of her favorite toys and we never hear a peep out of her all day. She currently has three teeth and is in the process of getting three more...poor baby!

**Slight TMI, but Madelynn literally just pooped-up-the-back and it was horrible. All over her hands and legs, the carpet, her clothes, her hair....UGH! NASTY!**

We seem to have a family of cats on our back patio. It's a momma cat and two of her kittens. Alyssa and Allison are just like me and are in love with them. We feed them nightly and pet them when they allow it. I know most of you think we are crazy for feeding stray cats, but you see, we aren't allowed to have pets in our neighborhood. (good ol' military housing) The poor cats look starved anyway...we are glad to see them come back each day!!

I'm super duper thrilled to announce that we now have a super Wal-Mart within seconds of our home. I was overjoyed to learn that we had a Wal-Mart nearby when we first moved into this house...until I went there. It was cluttered, poorly stocked and the lines were outrageous!! It literally took us 30 min. to just pick up one or two items because of the lines. I avoided going there if I possibly could. While I was away in Illinois they transformed the previously mentioned Wal-Mart into the shopping location of my dreams!! :) We now have aisles and aisles of food, well stocked clothing (you need that when you have to buy 2 of everything!!), and a better layout as well. I could spend all day in that place and it is so convenient!!

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