July 2, 2010

Theme Song♥

Have you ever heard a song come on the radio and instantly think,

"Holy Cow! That's the story of my life...our theme song!"

I heard this song by Josh Gracin a few years ago and was shocked at how much it described my life with Johnny. Our four year wedding anniversary is coming up this month {crazy!} and it's got me thinking about how we said our 'I Do's' and traveled the 3000 miles from Illinois to California when I was just 18, and Johnathon was 20. Whether they want to admit it now, there weren't many people who thought we would last. We were young, fresh out of high school, and had only dated for 6 months before Johnny left for the military.

Our car didn't break down, but we traveled Route 66 and settled into our first apartment. We got the {double} surprise of our lives four months later when we learned we were expecting twins. We now have 3 little girls who light up our world.

On top of everything else, Johnathon IS in the military and things ARE hard for us. We aren't rich, or perfect...just two people who weren't crazy!

I love you, Johnny!
I don't regret one second of our lives together. We were young, but we weren't crazy! I knew pretty quick that you were the one I wanted to go to bed with every night. You were the man I wanted to father my children. You were the one I wanted to support and stand by through anything. You were the one that brought out the best in me. You were the one that made life special. Just like we did before, we will continue to defy the odds and prove everyone wrong. I love you! xoxo


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Lori said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!When you write about your love for johnny it makes me want to cry tears of happiness! I LOVE the way you LOVE my son!

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