June 28, 2010

Just another day...

The one thing that I love most...
Watching my husband spend time with our little 3 year olds. :)
Allison has a new favorite food...JELLO!

Alyssa! Alyssa!
What can I say?

Usually so sweet...

...and occasionally feisty.

Alright, alright...usually feisty, sometimes sweet.

They sure keep me busy.

And always put a smile on my face!

...and then there is Madelynn!
Who could forget her?

Swinging in 'big girl' swings.
It still makes me so sad to watch them hold on tights and pump their legs.
They really are getting big.
Johnathon's always got one of his girls in his arms!


I have a picture of the twins sitting in this SAME spot...I guess it's a new tradition.
3rd Stone child sitting in the sand!

She did great by the way. It was her first experience with sand and she didn't even try to eat it. She was curious at first, but learned to love it. Soon she was playing in it and picking it up and letting it fall through her fingers. She would giggle when I covered her little toes with it. It was a blast.
They are the sweetest sisters...always laughing.

What makes a Summer day more complete than grilling out?!
We made more pork chops than we could handle! They were de-lish!

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Heather said...

Such sweet pictures!

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