June 24, 2010

Kids say the darndest things!

Let me set this up for you...

I took Alyssa & Allison with me to the 99 cent store to pick up some new school books for the summer. (They have the best work books for kids!!) There just so happened to be a mother and her 5 children walking down the same aisle. Her children varied in age, ranging from probably 4 to 15 years old. They were rowdy, loud, jumping up and down and getting into everything. The kids were fighting and the mom was yelling at them; I wouldn't be surprised if the entire store couldn't hear her. I was embarrassed just standing there next to them.

That's when my darling 2 year old chimed in...

"Excuse me! Be nice, people! Use your big girl words better!!"

She literally YELLED this at them.

The kids got quiet. The mother looked at me with this 'Did your child really just say that to me? You better do something about it, or I will.' look.

I was mortified! haha. I can't even explain to you how quickly I turned my cart around and booked it out of that aisle. haha.

At least Allison was polite about it! :) I swear, one of these days I will write a book about the crazy things that happen to me when I take my 3 wild animals out in public.

And to top it off, not even 30 second before Allison yelled at this mother, I was arguing with another lady who wouldn't shut up about my girls being identical. It was like talking to a brick wall. When she started to get angry with me I just walked away...towards the loud family. ugh! I can't win for losing!

I guess a few good things came out of my trip to the 99 cent store. I did, indeed, get the work books I was looking for, I scored a great deal on Father's Day balloons for Johnathon, and I learned that no matter what situation my girls are in, I have raised them to know right and wrong and they are not afraid to let others know. Was this how I would have like Allison to act in this situation? NO! We had a long talk about minding our own business and how it wasn't our place to say things like that to people. Nonetheless, I was proud of her. Obviously saying that exact phrase to Allison IS working. haha.

What are some funny, or embarrassing, things that your children have said/done?

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Allison said...

When we walk around the grocery store filling up the basket, we talk about whether we'll be paying man or a lady today. Then when get to the register, he'll pronounce, "Pay the Lady, Mummy" (or Pay the man). One day, he was insistent that the lady cashier was a man. He just kept repeating "Pay the man, mummy" and "It's a man today, mummy". I was so mortified. I had to tell the poor, not-even-a-bit-masculine, cashier that he didn't know the difference between men and women yet. Thankfully there are about 25 check outs at this store so I can avoid this cashier now when we shop!

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