June 24, 2010

How fitting!

When I first named my blog I was excited at what I had come up with. I do feel 'Simply Blessed' in so many ways. I have an amazing husband who has blessed me our three beautiful little girls. We live in a nice home and are able to provide for our family while I stay home. It's also quite obvious that with three little one 3 and under, it is bound to be chaotic at times.

Yesterday was one of those chaotic days.

I knew Johnathon would have to work late and was trying to prepare myself for a long day with the kids. However, NOTHING could have prepared me for the day that I had. If there was something that the twins could get into and destroy, they did. If there was something that they could spill or rip up, they did. It was horrible.

I took Madelynn up for a nap and in that short amount of time the girls emptied out a 10lb bag of potatoes and pulled all of the pots and pans out of the cabinet and filled them with cereal.

I have pictures to prove it!!

I made them pick up there mess and told them to come into the living room to watch cartoons. That's when Alyssa walked up to me, handed me a bowl and said 'Here Momma, I pee-peed!'

GROSS! When I finished cleaning up that mess (because she didn't aim very well when she squatted) I couldn't find Allison. I eventually caught her in the bathroom.

She had unrolled the toilet paper and placed most of it in the toilet and was holding, what I thought was a ball of toilet paper, up to her eye pretending it was a kaleidoscope. Upon inspection, as I was holding it within an inch of my face, I realized it was an old and used 'feminine product'...that wasn't mine!!

Yes, there I was holding someone else's used, rolled up 'feminine product'. (I have male readers so use your imagination ladies.)

I gave the girls a bath and put them to bed.

The rest of the evening did not disappoint and the chaos continued. Johnathon finally got home around 8pm and by that time I had the girls playing in their bedroom. I had hit my limit for one day! :) It ended well though. After I had time to escape and breath, I brought the girls back downstairs and had some cuddle time before bed.

As you see, my life truly is 'Simply Blessed...with Chaos!'
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1 comment:

rameelin said...

sounds like the story of my life as well. better days always follow (usually;)
You're doing great!!!

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