June 27, 2010

The 3rd Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday, Alyssa & Allison!!
The girls woke up this morning around 8:30 and were each given a present...a new bike helmet. They begged to put them on and walk down the stairs...this is what they saw.

Their new bikes.
{courtesy of Grandpa & Grandma Stone}

They were THRILLED!

The looks on their faces were priceless and adorable.

We were planning on letting them open 1 gift at a time throughout the day {daddy's idea}, but caved and let them open them all, right then and there.

Here are the girls posing with the aftermath. It looked as if a pink/purple bomb went off inside our home!! There was no doubt about it, we were celebrating the birthday of two 3 year old little girls! :)

That last picture sums them up perfectly!! Alyssa is a 'what you see is what you get' kind of girl. She is ornery, sassy and very adventurous. Allison on the other hand appears to be the sweeter of the two. Very delicate and quiet...WRONG! Turn your back for even a millisecond and the whole house will be destroyed. She is sneaky. :)
Alyssa was more than ready to ride her bike!!
{Yes, I adjusted the strap to her helmet before she took off.}
Here is their Daddy trying to teach them to push the pedals.

It wasn't long before Allison fell over...even with the training wheels.
She was devastated!

Alyssa did a fantastic job. She was steering AND starting to push the pedals!

Daddy finally talked Allison into getting back on her bike!

Their Disney Princess cakes.
Allison had Sleeping beauty & Alyssa had Cinderella.

I thought they were just going to be cupcakes with lots of icing...nope! They were 3 layer cakes!! Delicious!
We had previously planned on waiting until 6:02 and 6:03 to sing to them and eat cake, but what fun is that?? Again, we caved, like with the presents, and did it around noon! :)
Here they are right before we sang to them. I opted not to take pictures during, instead I wanted to be active in this moment. It's more important that I am there and in the moment than to capture a picture for everyone else. There are just some moments I am selfish about!! :)
Allison was enjoying her cake. She kept enjoying it ALL night long!

Alyssa enjoyed the cake also...more so the icing!

Overall, we had a great day. There were no melt downs and we had a blast. We made lots of memories and the girls enjoyed every second of being spoiled.
Mommy loves you, girls!

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