May 7, 2010

It's a BIG day!

Little Madelynn Jane is 7 months old today!!

This year is flying by so quickly and I feel as though I need to close my eyes and hold on to something stable. It's as if life is spinning and passing me by. I want to remember everything, the big and the small.

I really don't want to forget how Alyssa got her legs stuck behind her head last night in the pretzel position. Except she was wearing a dress and had recently gone to the restroom (#1, don't worry) and hadn't put her panties back on. Her precious little butt was up in the air and on display as she muffled "Help me! Mommy help!!". It was adorable!

Or how Allison proudly declares to the whole house how badly she needs to go poop!
Her sentences are starting to get longer as she adds, 'bad, really, now, very' and other descriptive words to everything.

Also, today is

Military Spouse Appreciation Day!
In 1984, President Reagan declared the Friday before Mother's Day each year as Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

No one, other than a fellow military wife, understands what it is truly like for us. To feel so isolated from everyone, and everything. You have to understand that some things are just out of your control. You have to learn that above all, you are nothing other than your husbands biggest supporter.

Thank you!
Thanks to all military spouses everywhere. To the military spouses of the past, present and future.

. . .

We are taking a little field trip to the zoo today. The sun is shining, everyone got a great nights sleep and it is sure to be a fabulous day!!

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