May 6, 2010

{ Thoughts }

The weather is beautiful as of late and there is nothing I love more than spending the afternoon outside with my family. The sun on our skin, Popsicles in our hands and the neighbors over to play. I am very much looking forward to this summer when we can take the girls to the beach and get a much needed California tan!! :)

On a side note: It's just sad how pale I am after living in San Diego for 4 years. I'm a little embarrassed when I go home to Illinois and everyone is darker than I am. NOT ANY MORE! :)

Tomorrow we are loading everyone up and going to the zoo. We all have a membership and we don't go nearly enough. Our goal tomorrow? To see the giant panda bears!! I am very excited.

Alyssa & Allison are showing such independence lately. They refuse to go in carts anymore and walk to walk as much as possible. They are starting to turn me down when I ask to hold their hands and they don't want my help when it's needed. They are determined to just figure everything out on their own and make Mommy feel like she isn't needed. Thank goodness for Madelynn who wants to be held 24/7...and I happily oblige!

Speaking of Madelynn, she is doing wonderful! She will be 7 months tomorrow and is days away from a full out crawl. She is becoming quite the pro at getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. Right now, she resembles a inch worm.

Up, rock backwards, fall.
Up again, rock backwards, fall.

We spent one day last weekend on base @ the NEX.

The girls ran around and enjoyed having the space to do so.
They watched all of the birds, and eventually sprang towards them in a frightening scare.
Poor Birdies!
We even had lunch at a small tent in the parking lot. We sat at the picnic tables, under the umbrellas and enjoyed our day.

The band-aid you see on Alyssa's forehead {Dora, btw} is the result of her running too fast. Her little legs couldn't keep up with her and she did a head dive right into the sidewalk. She is fine and stopped crying the second the band-aid hit her forehead. ;)

I am soooo looking forward to our trip to Illinois this summer.

I'm excited to be there and see everyone, especially the births of both my niece and nephew, but I am sad to leave my husband and PETRIFIED to fly with all 3 girls.

If you know anything about me, you know that I over analyze everything. I already have 10 lists made and have gone over every detail of the airport and plane ride in my head hundreds of times. Nonetheless, I am still scared and not looking forward to the 4 hours that I will be stuck up in the air.
On a small plane.
With two 3 year olds.
A 9 month old.
Short supply of snacks.

Only few toys.

I'm getting hives as we, type!

Just kidding, but seriously...I'm scared! :)

Today is the last day in Johnathon's work week and I am anxiously awaiting his arrival here at home. He is going, with some of his friends, to the sneak peek of Iron Man 2 on base tonight. He's pretty excited, as he should be.

As for me? I'll be curling up on the couch to watch my favorite movie of all time...

Pride & Prejudice

Love and prayers for you all!

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Sweet August said...

I agree! Being outside in nature is so wonderful! I am so jealous that you live in San Diego. I've been there a couple times, we just attended a wedding inside the wild animal park actually, and it is just a beautiful place. And everyone seems so friendly. Anyway, great pictures! I love your choice of movie! Hope you have a great night.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Your girls are so precious! We are outside girls here and I hoping to get a tan soon : )

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