April 11, 2010

Picture Overload!

Yes, the Easter Bunny did indeed stop by the Stone house last week.

I know it's taken me awhile to get these up, but here is the proof!

It was Madelynn's first Easter, here is her basket.

Here are the twins' baskets.
The Easter Bunny was sooo clever this year. He used flower pots as the baskets and even brought the girls flowers to plant in them.

What a very smart Easter Bunny we have!!

Waking up Madelynn Jane!

Of course the twinkies were waiting for us!

Daddy brought them down the stairs and the excitement was building.

Omg. Omg. Omg.

You could just feel the excitement coming off of them.

Yeah, excitement to see their Grandma & Grandpa on the couch!


The in-laws were in town and the twins ran straight past their gifts on the floor and into the arms of Grandma & Grandpa!!

It was pretty sweet to watch.
They eventually got around to the baskets.

Then it was time to plant the flowers!

The finished product!

Daddy showed Madelynn all of her goodies.

Her puppy, Violet, has been a big hit.

Here is a fabulous close-up of my sweetheart.

Our little 6 month old beauty.

Had to sneak a picture of me in there.

Why is it that at 22 years of age, I STILL look at least 14?? I know I will love that fact when I am older, but all it does for me now is get me weird looks with I am out with my 3 children.
It wouldn't be Easter without an Easter egg hunt!

Here are the girls getting ready.

And they were off.
Allison is in the yellow, by the way.
Alyssa is in the pink.

Allison dropped one and realized that they were filled with confetti.

Alyssa was on a roll.

Then it was time to break them all open.

(The best part!)

Confetti and crushed egg shells were EVERYWHERE.

Surveying some of the damage.

We also had a nice lunch, complete with my very first ham. It wasn't nearly as hard as I was anticipating and I think it turned out pretty tasty.

We decided to take a nap afterwards, only to be woken up by the 7.2 earthquake that shook California that day. Since then we have felt numerous quakes. None of them are as long or as strong as it was on Easter, but scary nonetheless. I have been woken up at night on several occasions. One of them lasting a good minute. (Johnathon slept right through it!)

I never in a million years thought that I would get to experience an earthquake. Now it doesn't feel that special. It does mess with your head though. Especially the smaller ones make you feel like you are just dizzy or losing your balance.

. . .

The in-laws are gone and have made it home safe.

My sister went to the ER last night with cramps. She is 25 weeks along in her first pregnancy for those of you who forgot. Well, it turned out to be contractions due to dehydration. They gave her some fluids, kept her for observation for a few hours and she and baby are doing just fine. I would be forever thankful for continued prayers over little Audrinna Paige and her mommy.

We are having a fabulous lazy weekend here at home. I'm feeling a bit adventurous and may talk my husband into cleaning out the garage today. I am so jealous of those people who have 50 kids and can somehow keep a neat and tidy, perfect garage. We have every toy imaginable (x2 of course), decorations galore...and then there is my husband and HIS "toys".

Ugh! Today, I would LOVE to just throw away half of the crap that is out there. We'll see how that goes!



Heather said...

We have one of those Violet Puppies too! My daughter LOVES hers!...so does the dog, but we're working on that! Lol! Looks like you had a fun Easter though.

grandma said...

That was soooo funny! I have to say it made us feel very loved when they did that! We will remember this Easter always!

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