April 9, 2010

A little late...

...BUT, here are some pictures of us


Allison was obsessed with her green sunglasses that day.
She was also more interested in using her color crayons to draw
on the eggs than she was in putting them in the actual dye.
When she would put the eggs in the dye...
she would launch them in there and make a HUGE splash! hehe.
Alyssa was nothing but a GROUCH as we were coloring eggs!
She was woken up early from her nap and wasn't too happy about it.
Luckily, Johnathon was home to calm her and get her to cooperate!
My little DIVA lady!
When daddy is around, EVERYONE is always happy!
We had a blast and it was a great success! Obviously (from looking at the picture below) we had one bad egg out of the 18. Allison threw it in the color too hard and cracked it. :)
It was the twins' first experience with coloring Easter eggs and I am sure it something that they will look forward to in the years to come!

. . .

It's common knowledge around here that Allison plays more the of the motherly role between the twins. She is nurturing, loving and always there to inform Alyssa when she is doing something wrong. She has a sweet hand with Madelynn and is always gentle with her.

HOWEVER, lately Alyssa has taken an interest in her baby sister.
She wants to feed her ALL THE TIME!
She is the first one on sight when Madelynn starts to cry.
She is constantly walking up to Madelynn and making her laugh.

And Madelynn...
She loves her big sister SOOO much!
She gets the biggest most ornery grin around her.
She laughs in a way that only her and Alyssa could understand.
Just by watching them interact, I KNOW, I am in some serious trouble!


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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Adorable Easter egg dying pictures! And with my girls - they will flip their personalities often. I think it is to keep me on my toes : )

Christina said...

Love the pics, can't wait to do that with my girls. :)

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