March 21, 2010

Tales of a stay-at-home Mom

One would think that Johnathon and myself were first time parents the way that last night went with our little Madelynn. For starters, she went to bed probably an hour and half later than usual. (first mistake) She was wearing only a onesie and her poor little legs were freezing, causing her to wake her parents up through the night. (second mistake that was eventually fixed) I fell asleep while feeding her, resulting in me dropping the bottle and scaring the sleeping (and now VERY hungry) baby making her scream and cry. (third mistake) Finally, I meant to turn down the monitor because Johnathon had turned it up while moving it yesterday...when actually I had turned it OFF by mistake. (fourth mistake)

What is happening to us?!

I woke up to my screaming 5 month old (see above story) and took her in to wake up her sister. haha...yeah right! They were waiting for the closet where they had stashed their mattresses after pulling them off of their bed frames. Pjs were off and they were fast at work trying to figure out how to rip the tape off of their diapers!

I took them all 3 down stairs and started my morning routine.

Breakfast first to shut up the twins.


Change Madelynn's diaper and get her in fresh clothes.

Normally it's just a simple wet diaper and I whip that thing off, throw it in the trash (literally) and go on with my day. TODAY, however, when I whipped that diapers off, poop went flying! Not the pebble kind that is easy to pick up and virtually mess-free, I'm talking about the almost clay-like mud that somehow comes from my adorable babe! {ick}


Except we had visitors!

You know, the friendly ants that I have mentioned before. The ones that often frequent our house, especially the KITCHEN and BATHROOMS!



Thank the Lord I picked up a new LARGE ant spray yesterday at the NEX.

I decided to sit the girls down for some quiet school time. This was about the only thing that went smoothly for me today. After talking to my aunt, I made a pile of about 50 sight words to teach the girls. Allison did fabulous; Alyssa walked away and watched the fish in the fish tank.

I try my best to not force the girls to do school work. I am a firm believer that it should be fun and something that they look forward to, but I am firm when it comes to finishing something that they start. Alyssa is a master with her alphabet. She can say and identify so many of them. Allison seems to excel with writing and the usage of their scissors. They truly are so different in so many ways.

I had heard Madelynn grunting the entire time we were in the dining room so I assumed it was time for another diaper change. She was still farting quite a bit and I knew that if I changed her now, I would more than likely have to change another one soon. That was okay with me. I didn't want her sitting there in her own ick.

I took the diaper off, held her legs up in the air, did one really good wipe...

that's when it just started OOZING out.


Like a fountain of nastiness all over my rug.

I got that all cleaned up and I am now sitting in the door way of our back patio watching Alyssa & Allison water my flowers and play with chalk. Madelynn is in her jumperoo right next to me. She is staring out the sliding glass doors at her big sisters playing.

I sit here and wonder...

What will happen next?

Oh, did I mention it was a duty day? The hubby is at work!

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Christina said...

Oh dear...what a long day! I hope nothing else happens!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What a great post! Too Funny! I still have a few days like that now.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love meeting more moms of multiples. I will definitely check out your beautiful blog. Your girls are precious!
I would love for you to post a Friday Favorites - it is a fun post that I do sometimes. Every week on Tuesday, I post TLM Craft and on Wednesday, I post Say What?!?! Wednesday (where you post what funny, silly & embarrassing things your little ones say.) I would love for you to visit my blog on those days too.
I do not homeschool but I am in the works of getting my girls prepared for school (which they start in August) sniff, sniff. : )
It was great chatting with you

Jenn said...

Oh my!!! We have all had those days! All shame goes out the window when you have your first child~ LOL!

and the mattress story is priceless!
I have one piece of advise for you... (ha ha) TAKE Pictures!! I have so many funny moments of mischievous monkey behavior that I wish I had taken photos of!! =)

Nice to meet you in all your madness!

Gotta follow you!! ;)

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