March 24, 2010

For the record:

Johnathon and I have an agreement.
I will wash, dry, fold and organize the laundry...
he'll put it away.

Okay! I just had to get that down in writing for the whole world to see.
Maybe he can actually start to do his share now! :)

. . .
In other news, Madelynn has pulled herself up to her hands and knees a few times. She can't stay there for very long, but we are making progress.

I am seriously debating whether or not I am ready to retire Madelynn's swing. This is a hard one for me because the twins were in theirs until they were just about 12 months. The only reason I got rid of them then is because we were running out of room with 2 swings, 2 jumperoos, a walker and pack'n'play. haha. The swing is my opportunity to be lazy. To put Maddie in her swing and get stuff done.

Regardless, we are again running out of room and we need space for the new walker that I have talked Johnathon into buying. :) We still have one from when the twins were little, but it was given to us used. That's fine, but since we know we will need it again in a few years, why not invest in a new one??

(did you catch that?)

Anywho, that's IF we ever get to the store to buy the walker.

Johnathon and I have been taking turns going to the gym in the evenings. He usually goes as soon as he gets something to eat after work. Then it's my turn! This routine seems to be working fine at the moment, but it leaves us with very little time together. Even having dinner as a family is a struggle.

Normally that would bother me, but I am so desperate to kick this baby weight once and for all...I really couldn't care less!

For now, anyway!

. . .

Alyssa & Allison are fabulous like always.

They are actually sitting on the couch right now eating some Cheetos. They are so much like their Papa. When we were in Illinois last Spring/Summer he wouldn't come home from the store without a bag of them to share!! Thanks, Dad!

. . .

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