January 11, 2010

Seven Things...You've been TAGGED!

Ramee, over at Raising Redheads, has tagged me in her latest blog.

How do we play??
I list 7 things about myself and then tag 7 others to do the same!!

1. I love to cook and bake. Whether it's just something new for dinner or 100's of cookies for my husband to take to work. I am the most relaxed while I am in the kitchen.

2. Don't tell my husband!! I secretly want to try for a boy in a few years. I love my 3 little girls tremendously and I am in NO rush to add to our family at this moment, but maybe one day. I find it really sad that I will never get to experience that mother/son bond. :(

3. I love.love.love the smell of little babies. No, not the freshly bathed smell (even though that is yummy too), I love the formula breath, stinky sweaty necks, their fingers and toes. I love it all!!

4. Because my older girls were 3 months early at birth, I feel like it is my duty to make sure that there is no learning gap. For the longest time they were severely behind both physically and mentally. I finally feel as though they can give any other full term 2 1/2 year old a run for their money. They may only weigh 21lbs but they are both smarter than a whistle!

5. I have the BIGGEST crush on...my husband!
enough said

6. I believed in letting my children "cry-it-out" until I had a singleton! I still let her fuss when she falls asleep, but I can't help but want to run into her nursery at night, wake her up, and sing/cuddle her for hours.

7. I HAVE to be in control of the situation. I don't like riding in someone else's car (I want to be able to leave when I want), I have a hard time letting someone else help plan a party (my mind is so full of ideas, I should have been a party planner), I need to know all the details (I hate sitting around not knowing), as much as I love surprises...I can't stand them (I need to be the one who knows everything). ugh! I struggle with this everyday and I am getting better.

Who am I tagging??

Don't forget to also check out Ramee's Blog over at...

. . .

Where did the girls go?

There they are!!



Laura said...

How fun, I love reading these things!! And I totally think you should try for a boy!! After having my son I vowed to tell every mom they need to keep having babies until they had a boy! :)

mrs. b. said...

FUN! and that is so stinkin' sweet that you have a huge crush on your hubs! i love when wives feel that way! and i'm a little bit of a control freak myself. so, you're in good company. or, bad company? ;)

thanks for the tag, mama!

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