January 10, 2010

Let's be honest...

You don't come to this blog to see what I have to say.

You come for the pictures of my ultra adorable kiddos.

*As most of you know, we are in the midst of potty training our little ones. They aren't able to wear pants because they never get them down in time (it's a work in progress). It's NOT my intention to offend anyone with these pictures. If you have a problem with them, simply take your mouse and click on the "X" in the upper right corner.

Thank You

Now on to the pictures!!

Allison always has to have her baby doll in Maddie's swing. It's cute though, all you have to say is, "get the swing ready for sissy" and she will have it cleared and ready to go. It's sweet!
I realized the other day, i have yet to take pictures of Maddie in the bath...here you go!
Getting all lotioned up by mommy!
We were taking full advantage of the 80 degree weather and let the girls run naked in the water. They were having a blast!

Lord, help them if we are ever in Illinois during the winter.

Later on that day they decided they would kick and scream until I let them play in the sinks...
They are water babies for sure!

Of course I had to throw a few pictures of Madelynn into the mix.
She is 3 months old and still growing, growing, growing!
Chillin' on the bean bag.
Had to get a picture of Daddy in there.
I think she is BEAUTIFUL!
How do we end our LONG days of playing in the water??
Vegging (is that even a real word?) out on the floor with daddy while watching cartoons on the computer!
. . .

So, I sent my darling husband out to get milk yesterday. When it had been over 30 minutes for what should have taken 15 minutes tops, I called to see what the hold up was. He said that he had stopped to pick me up some Subway. :)

When he got home, not only did he have the Subway, but he had scheduled me a pedicure for today. How did I get so lucky?

If that wasn't enough, around 7pm last night I asked him if I could just lay down on the couch for a few minutes...I was wore out.

The next thing I knew, it was 9am this morning and I had to get up to get my pedicure.

It's amazing how in the midst of 3 little girls and our crazy chaotic life, he can make me feel as though I am 18 again, no kids and just so in love with him. He spoils me as I know no one else ever could.


Laura said...

I am so jealous of you 80 degree weather, I would LOVE to be out playing in the water!!

mrs. b. said...

80 degrees!? i have never been more jealous in my whole life! we reached somewhere near 25 today and i felt like i could rock a t-shirt. because sadly, that's a heat wave!

rameelin said...

The girls look SO much like Johnny and Madeline looks like identical to you! She's sooooo cute!!! I love your pictures and I love reading about your life. ♥

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