January 12, 2010

Madelynn Moments

It's time for another update on Madelynn Jane!

She recently hit the 3 month mark and is doing fantastic. My guess is that she weighs around 12lbs and is somewhere near 22in long. She is wearing clothes anywhere from 3-6months depending on what brand and style it is. (I have never known what it was like for a child to grow out of outfits before they even got to wear them, until now) She is eating 4-5oz every 4-5 hours and spending lots of time on the floor for 'tummy time'. We usually put her to bed (in her own room) around 9pm. Depending on how well she ate, she wakes up for her first feeding around 6am. I can usually squeeze in 2 more hours of sleep before I hear the twins playing in the their room.

Here is a quick little video of Maddie sitting on the bean bag.

Madelynn is getting quite the little personality lately. She is the happiest baby I know and giggles all the time. My favorite time with Maddie is during her early morning feeding. The second I open up her bedroom door she starts to giggle quietly. Over the last week she has even started to make noises. While in her swing, her eyes are constantly following her big sisters around the room. Even though she has rolled over before, (you know, the times when she did it on accident) she is on the verge of figuring out how to do it for real. She can get to her side, but doesn't have the strength for that final push. We even put her jumperoo together the other day. omg.omg.omg. she loves that thing.

Here she is giggling for me the other day.

. . .

Johnny left this morning for 3 days out to sea. I'm not too upset about it. It's just a few days and maybe this way I will be able to clean the house and keep it that way! haha

I swear, he is worse than the twins!

It's a little on the chilly side today. (don't get mad) It's only 60 degrees right now at noon. It's kind of a bummer because all the girls want to do is play in the water. I changed things up today and let the girls play with chalk in the drive way. You should have seen their faces when they noticed the chalk on their hands, feet and clothes.

All I heard was, "eww, gross!", "Mommy, Mommy...wet wipe", and "What IS that?".

I think they are shocked when I let them get dirty...it's just not how I usually do things.

. . .

I received the most amazing care package in the mail yesterday. From my Grandma and Uncle Joey...

Thank You sooo much for the candy, chocolate and grapenut bread!

Johnny and the twins enjoyed the candy and chocolate. You can be sure that I am STILL enjoying the bread!



Danae said...

I *love* the name of your blog! It sums up my life as well....
The hats were borrowed from my friend Natalie, who took the pictures of my girls. You could probably ask her at her blog-http://copelands-natalie.blogspot.com/

Laura said...

She is so precious!! Baby giggles are the best...my hubby is going to be mad at you for letting me see that video! I WANT (another) ONE! :)

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