January 26, 2010

Just a memory!

The twins are growing up so fast and I can't help but get sad thinking about it. My mind keeps going back to the weeks they spent in the NICU and the first few days of having them home. Here is a picture of Johnathon and I the day we were bringing them home...we were so happy!

Would you believe me if I told you that I am still in shock that I have twins??

Every time I see twins in a store or at a park, I'm in awe of them. I want to know everything about them. How does their mom do it? How do they interact with each other?

Then it hits me...That's ME!

People probably think that about me too! I guess I find it weird because I don't consider myself special and I don't think of the twins as...well, twins! haha. They always have been and always will be Alyssa & Allison. Two very different little girls who happen to have been born on the same day!

What was it like when they first came home? CHAOS! Luckily we had help, but it was still a handful. It took them 30 minutes to eat 2oz and that was every 4 hours. Multiply that by 2 and you don't have time to think. haha! We made it through though.

What did it take? Showering twice a week (if I was lucky), very little sleep, staying in my pajamas all day long, only changing clothes because I was puked on (almost 3-4 times a day)!
I can't imagine having twins AFTER a singleton.

I happened across "Barbie's Babies" the other day. It's a blog about a family who has two young children and are now pregnant with spontaneous triplets!! She is currently 31 weeks long and doing great. Prayers for her and her family would be greatly appreciated as she is trying to make it to 34 weeks for the sake of her unborn little cuties!!

Check out her blog when you get the chance!!
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Yesterday marked Johnathon's 5th year in the US Navy!

He is out to sea right now and I just wanted to acknowledge his commitment and dedication to this country! He doesn't think much of it, but I think he is doing a great thing.

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Laura said...

I have a couple friends with twins (and then another one after) and they said the same thing...the single one was a piece of cake!! :) You are so blessed, your girls are all adorable!

Anonymous said...

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Kimberly & Alex said...

hi Sarah Kay, just wanted to answer your question. we live in Fairfield, its off I-64. sorry to hear your hubby is out to sea. i spent 10 years in the Navy, 5 active and 5 reserve. you have adorable girls!

Juliana said...

TWINS! WHEW! I am so excited to read your blog! I am a new follower. Please come follow back if you would like. I am doing some great giveaways right now (ipod nano and itunes giftcard) and have some great ones coming up! Nice to meet you, you have a beautiful family!

BARBIE said...

Thanks for the encouragement! We're looking forward to the journey but I have had my moments of sheer panic too. You are an inspiration to me!

Jeremi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice message : ) Your girls are ADORABLE!! How early were they?

Kendra said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Your family is beautiful!

I think it's so neat what you are doing with your bags. My niece was born at 26 weeks and she was in the nicu for 3 long months. It's so important to have good support!!

We are everyday grateful to the Lord for each day that our precious babies stay inside. I know what a huge difference each day makes!! We are very HOPEFUL to make it to 36 weeks, and anything after that is icing on the cake for us!!

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