December 6, 2009

My Babies...

...Aren't babies anymore. :(

I've know that this was coming for awhile now, but man it sure hit me in the face hard yesterday. Not only did the girls transition to toddler beds yesterday, but Alyssa is potty trained now.
If you would have told me that she would be trained by today, I would have laughed. We have messed around with their little potty seat for awhile now (almost a year) and nothing ever came of it. My plan was to wait until after the holidays to try it again...until Alyssa showed interest in it yesterday.
This morning when she woke up I decided to just leave her diaper off and see what came of it. After breakfast she started to dribble and FREAKED OUT. She started yelling for me and I instantly rushed her to the toilet where she finished. Throughout the morning she went 2 more times in the potty, but both times she did it on her own. She realized that she had to go and did her business without telling me first. Im SOOO proud!
5 short days until Johnathon is home...yippy!
FYI for anyone who cares: I DID delete my myspace!!
I do have facebook though, so if you want my URL then e-mail me!!

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