December 6, 2009

lots of pictures

Lately the days seem to be dragging on and on. The twins seem to have 1 good day to every 2 bad days...just my luck! Madelynn is pretty much close to perfect for me (thank you, Maddie). It is also now less than a week until Johnathon gets home. :)

Today was by far the most interesting day of the week. It started out normal and dandy. We had breakfast, played, watched some cartoons and then went down for a nap. That was until I heard a loud 'thud' come from the twins' bedroom. I ran up the stairs to only find one child. It wasn't until I heard giggling that I found Alyssa in the closet. The little punk climbed out of her crib. I instantly transitioned both of their cribs into toddler beds and attempted to put them back down for their naps. WRONG! they didn't nap today.

When they woke up I decided (though i don't know why) that I would take their diapers off upstairs and put the new ones on downstairs. In the meantime, Alyssa peed on my foot!!

I rushed her to the bathroom and wasn't able to put a diaper on her sister. While we were all sitting there, Allison found it fitting to then pee on my LEG!

{what a day}

Anyway, Alyssa did end up going pee in the big girl potty!! YAY!

I was worried about this evening and the twins being in their big beds, but after a little bit of light playing, they fell sound asleep. I'm not sure if they are in their beds or on the floor (I'm not chancing a look) but the main thing is that they are asleep!

Mommy & Allie
Maddie {8 weeks}
Allison "talking" on my cell phone.
They were having a little too much fun while playing with play-doh.
Allison is a hoot!
There is my blue eyed beauty!! (Allison) lucky
little Madelynn
haha, Alyssa
you can't see it, but she is wearing her cowgirl boots.

Here is a little video that I made of the girls tonight at dinner. Johnathon will be home in 6 shorts days and I can't help but be super excited!! :)

God Bless, xoxo

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