December 12, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

For starters, I got our tree decorated the other day and I must's pretty fabulous for doing it by myself. :)
Alyssa's potty training is still going strong and she is doing wonderfully. We usually just let her run around the house in her birthday suit.
We has serious POOP incident the other day. As most of you know, we switched to toddler beds last week. This gives the girls every opportunity to get up and play after I leave the room. I guess the few toys that they have in there aren't enough because about 30 minutes after I laid them down I noticed an awful stench coming from their room. Alyssa had taken off her diaper, pooped on the floor, and they both used it as finger paint on EVERYTHING! To say that I was upset is an understatement!! I quickly got them cleaned up and then made them sit on Alyssa's bed while I then cleaned the room. 5 minutes into it, I heard snoring. They had fallen asleep watching me clean. I guess playing in poop really makes someone tired!!

Feel sorry for me?? Two days later, they did it AGAIN!!

Yes, for those of you who are wondering, I DO tape their diapers
Allison Leanne
Alyssa Kay
Since we live in southern California and play-doh is all the craze right now...
we made our very own Frosty the Doh-Man!!
Madelynn is just about 10 weeks and is changing by the minute!
Alyssa is all about the juice box and blanket these days!
Allison just always seems to be in her own little world.
Luckily the day of the POOP incident, my wonderful husband sent me a dozen beautiful roses from the ship! What would I do without him?
I'm not eve sure how to caption this picture...I'll let you come up with it on your own!!
She is becoming quite the little beauty!
Always with a baby doll in her arms! (Allison)
Alyssa has learned so much from these darn puzzles!!
And best of all this week...

Johnathon got to come home a day early!!

You can blame him for the lack of blogging this week. ;)
Have a wonderful and safe weekend!



Jalen James said...

The poop incident makes me laugh because I have been through it, but certainly not to your extent. I'm sure my day(s) will come!! Good luck with potty training!

Anonymous said...

madelynn you are so adorable I love you so much, you look just like your nana.....

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