November 6, 2009

TGIF...Daddy is on baby duty!

luckily today has started out smoothly...if not, then i don't think i could have made it through the day. i think this has officially been the longest week of my life and both something i wish i could forget, and at the same time something i hope i never forget. Madelynn is getting so big and doing such a great job at eating, holding her head up and sleeping most of the night. she is still at 4oz a feeding, but i have a feeling that within the next few days we will be upping that amount. the twins have been CRAZY to say the least!!

i am officially giving up on the idea of EVER having a clean house!!

you heard it here first! i can't stand it anymore. i am on my feet 24/7 and barely have time to think. at the moment i couldn't care less whether there are toys covering every.single.inch of my floor, if the trash seriously needs emptied, if there is a load of laundry to do, or if i haven't taken a shower in 2 days!!

i know that one day soon i will go back to the old "everything has to be done or i will freak" self, but for now i am going to try to enjoy this new "trashy, smelly, dirty" approach! haha. :)

wish me luck

i put something in the crock pot last night so i wouldn't have to make dinner tonight...GENIUS! Johnny has already promised me a nap...WONDERFUL! the twins are behaving nicely...FINALLY!

i am so "scatter-brains" right now that all i can think about is how strangely good things are going and how i hope they don't change. Allison has become "mommy's little helper" when it comes to telling Alyssa when she is doing something wrong. i am constantly hearing her say "no, no...mommy said no touch Maddie's swing." haha. it's precious and priceless!

until next time, xoxo

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shannon said...

i can 100% relate. i used to be such a freak about cleaning, but meh, it'll happen some day! for now, it's time to enjoy our babies! before we know it they'll be movin' out and then our houses will be *too* spotless! so glad the hubster promised a nap! naps are the truly the best, aren't they? have a great night, mama! xo!

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