November 7, 2009

One Beauty Holding Another
Allison was getting a kick out of holding her 1 month old little sister, Madelynn.

today was a great day spent with the family and a huge relief following this horrible, hectic, stressful week. my wonderful and amazing husband not only took care of the baby through the night, but also got up with the twins in the morning!! it was fantastic and i wish i could tell him how grateful i am for all that he does. as soon as all 3 of the girls were up and ready, we were off to do some
at babies'r'us, kohls and target. oh, what a day!

we got home a little late and it was a challenge to get the little ones to lay down, but when they did, they were OUT! we had a late dinner of pancakes and bacon...yummers!

i am very excited to say that we have started our Christmas shopping. we don't plan on getting much for the girls because we have decided to go with more of a "family gift" this year and we can't wait to see the looks on the girls' faces.

now we are all about to sit down and quietly watch 'the land before time'. i couldn't ask for a better day with my little family!


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