November 5, 2009

“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”
-Dorothy Bernard

my aunt just called and she was sent to the hospital with a possible blood clot in her leg. please keep her in your prayers today as we wait to hear any news.
(update: my aunt was released and it WASN'T a clot...thank you, all!)
.  .  .

update on today...
things are still going smooth. i just fed Madelynn and she is sound asleep in her swing. the twins are playing (doing each others hair) and will be in bed shortly. 

life is the moment!

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shannon said...

hey! i saw your comment on 3 under 3's blog and i thought i'd stop by (and follow)! anyway, so sorry to hear about your aunt and i hope and pray that all goes well. glad that life is good, mama! we gotta soak up those good moments whenever we get 'em!

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