November 25, 2009

Sooo much to be thankful for...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and more than ever, I feel like I have so much to truly be thankful for. I am in good health and have a loving husband who works so hard to provide for his family. My three beautiful redheads are healthy and growing big and strong. I am able to stay home with my babies and witness their innocence and growth. We have a roof over our heads and are able to put food on our table despite the economy. I was able to spend 9 long months with my family and friends in Illinois during my pregnancy this year. Above ALL else, I am sincerely thankful that I am still able to call my mom 50 times a day, talk to her, ask her questions, show her pictures of my children, tell her my plans for the future, laugh together, cry together and best of all...complain and gossip together.

Everything is prepped and ready to go, the pumpkin pies just came out of the oven and tomorrow is shaping up to be a good day!

Johnny and I came across some quiet time the other day and decided that we would put up our Christmas are a few pictures.

Allison was in ♥♥ with her little pink tree.
Alyssa had other things on her mind.
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Allison was all about helping mommy & daddy with the tree.

Alyssa was more interested in the box.

Madelynn was happy just laying there and watching us.

This would be my 7 week old beauty!!
{Madelynn Jane}
My attempt at getting a picture of all three of them.

Allison loves nothing more than cuddling with her little sister.

Simply gorgeous!

{update on my aunt}

Her surgery went great and she is in the hospital recovering, but while in there, the dr.s found a 2nd tumor on her pancreas. Removing it would leave her with no pancreas and makes that option void. I will update everyone as soon as I find anything out myself.

{some happier news}

I'm going to be an Auntie again...this time by my sister. Her and her boyfriend, Tim, are expecting their first child in July 2010.


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Lori said...

Love your blog soooooo much

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