November 16, 2009

National Prematurity Awareness Month

November is National Prematurity Awareness Month and the March of Dimes is asking that everyone use their blogs today to spread the word about such an important cause. As a mother of twins, this issue hits me really close to home. I'm sure most of you know that my little darlings were born @ 30 short weeks via emergency c-section. The 8 weeks that followed in the NICU were extremely heart breaking for everyone. You start out not even wanting to leave the hospital in fear that your babies will die before you make it back. Slowly you realize that they are going to make it and your new obsession turns into wondering when your babies will come home and what on earth is taking so long. We were lucky and only had to deal with the NICU, there are many families who suffer through so much more...disease, chronic conditions and even death. The toll that this takes on the parents (and in some cases, the siblings) is outstanding. Next week as we are all sitting around out tables saying what we are so thankful for, try to remember those families who are, were, or will be going through the ups and downs of having a premature child.

It wasn't until I had a full term baby that I fully appreciated how much the March of Dimes and modern medicine is needed.
. . .
Need a Laugh??

We got the girls up from their nap today when we noticed that Allison had taken her diaper off.
As we were searching her crib for the little poop nuggets we are used to cleaning up, we noticed a diaper on the floor.
There, neatly rolled up was her dirty diaper!
I think it's fair to say that if you can take your diaper off, roll it up and then NOT wet to bed during your nap...its time to be potty trained!!

If only it were that easy!
. . .
Not to toot my own horn, but I made a
stir-fry dinner tonight. It was my first time attempting it and I didn't have the proper ingredients in my cupboard. I was feeling a little nifty and decided to wing it with whatever I could find. To my surprise, it turned out great. I was even more surprised when Johnny (my super picky husband who is even worse than my 2 year old daughters!) enjoyed the meal as well.
. . .
Johnny had today off, and tomorrow as well. It's truly been a terrific weekend of fun and laughter. Alyssa and Allison have their daddy wrapped so tight around their little fingers its not even funny. Lately, he has been teaching them to "wrestle". It's quite the little show to behold!

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