November 18, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything...

This is how my fabulous weekend was spent...

I feel like I never hold me own daughter anymore. Probably because her daddy ALWAYS has her in his arms! He was so amazing this weekend and took over the midnight feedings and even got up with the twins in the morning. He changed poopy diapers for all THREE of the girls (sometimes all within an hour of each other!) and made their breakfast. He helped me clean the house and even folded some laundry without being asked.

What can I say?? I'm just lucky!

I thought that I would share a few pictures of what the twins and I have been up to. We did the color BLUE last week and here is what it looked like.

They were pretty excited to get to paint!



All last week we painted the sky and added clouds, painted the ocean and added fish, made BLUEberry muffins, colored with only blue crayons and even wore ALL blue one day! This week we our color is red...this should be fun!

While we were at IKEA I picked up an easel to help out with our lessons. I must say that it was a HUGE hit with the girls and I am insisting that everyone go out and by themselves one. It has been great with teaching them their colors, shapes and letters; more importantly is has given them a great toy that keeps them busy all day long! I have to pry them off of it to go to bed and they are asking to color on it when they wake up. The best part about it all?? It was only $15...what a steal! Here are a few pictures of my new best friend!

The chalkboard side

The dry-erase board side (with paper over it)

I felt like I just had to share this goofy picture of Alyssa. She is such the character, but the picture pretty much sums that up!

Here the girls are as we were walking into Walmart.


We are doing something else fun and exciting...


I the bargain bins at Target. You know, the $1 bins??
(I know you all do!)

That's enough who-ha for one day!

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