November 5, 2009

lets make this quick!

it's extremely rare to find a moment for any "me" time lately. Madelynn is quite the eater and would be happy if we held a bottle in her mouth 24/7 (a BIG difference from her sisters). Alyssa & Allison are pushing me to my last nerve on a daily basis. i don't think i have
been so happy to get to nap time as i have been this last week. don't get me wrong, i love the fact that i had twins...they always have someone to play with and learn with but then also comes fighting and driving mommy crazy!!

the last few days have consisted of feed the baby, change 3 diapers (1 is always poopy), make a somewhat decent breakfast, get all 3 girls dressed, start laundry, comfort Madelynn, clean up the breakfast mess, fold laundry (and try to keep the twins from trying to "help"), snack time, put laundry away (taking Madelynn with me because i can't trust her around her big sisters), feed Madelynn, make lunch, NAP TIME, kick toys to the side of the room (yes, i said kick and not clean, move or place!!) and then i may get some real down time.

remember, during all this time the twins are fighting, stealing toys, getting into Maddie's swing or car seat (big no-no), or wanting to sit on my lap and watch "my little pony" for the 50th time.

i woke up this morning determined to make a change!! i fed Maddie and took her downstairs, i fed the twins and let them stay in their room to play, i am now in the living room with a sleeping baby and can hear the girls playing through the baby monitor. :) it may only be a 20 minute break, but it's what is going to keep my sanity!!

. . .

my goals today??

spend at least 30 minutes on the floor playing with Alyssa & Allison
finally finish getting the house un-packed and clean
take the kids for a walk (that should be interesting by myself)
let the girls play outside for awhile
attempt to take a nap with the kids
remember to eat when the kids eat

. . .

my mom has been going to physical therapy 3 times a week and i just wanted to let everyone know that she is doing GREAT with it. they are working her very hard and pushing her to her limits. they even made her walk on a treadmill for 3 minutes yesterday. i know it may not sound like much to everyone, but its HUGE for her. please keep her in your prayers as she is still feeling strong and healthy. her spirits are high and she is feeling good!

Madelynn is changing in looks yet again. she is thickening up and her brown hair is now RED! not a light almost kinda red, its a dark fiery definitely RED! haha. she is adorable though and doing something new everyday. i hate to keep comparing her to the twins who were 10 weeks early, but this is just so new to me. she is already holding her head up for minutes at a time! she was sitting in her boppy pillow the other day when i noticed her move, i looked over to find her sitting up with her little head bobbing up and down. i was a little freaked about her hurting her neck, but nonetheless, she sat up!! she is only 4 weeks old and already she is shocking me.

my dad has pneumonia so please keep him in your prayers as he is trying to make a quick recovery. he had the flu just last weeks so this has been a long on-going battle for him.

Veteran's Day is coming up and i strongly urge everyone to show their appreciation. call your loved ones who are serving in the military, go to your local Veteran's Day parade, wave a means more than you know to those who are fighting for this country. a few of Johnny's friends from his last command are currently serving in Iraq right now. let us all think about them next week and remember what it is that these soldiers are sacrificing and fighting for. God bless!


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